Reeboch K9 Sport

Home of the WUSV Vice Sieger & multiple National Champions




  • Never discipline during the learning phase
  • Maintain trust between handler & dog
  • Corrections must be fair

Sigrid and Ayro are the 2014 WDA Vice Champions with 98-94-96 points. First place 

Handler owned, trained and coached by Charlie Meszaros, and also High in Protection.

Charlie and Nike received the GSDCA-WDA Lifetime Achievement Award.

We are so proud of the boys - father and son together on the podium!

Welcome to the Reeboch K9 Sport German Shepherd dog working line breeding and training kennel for Schutzhund and personal protection, located in Atlanta, GeorgiaWe are the home of Reeboch K9 Sport is a German Shepherd working line dog performance, Schutzhund competition, and Personal Protection facility. Our Kennel von Reeboch is  a world class German Shepherd breeding Kennel with a big reputation! 


We have a proven competition record unsurpassed in the USA, have won the German Shepherd Dog Club of America-Working dog Association Nationals numerous times, and represented the GSDCA-WDA Working Dog Association at the WUSV International Championships for the past sixteen years.  Nike, won the obedience phase of the 2006 WUSV World Championships. Charlie and Nike became the 2008 WUSV Vice Champion and scored highest in tracking, making them the WUSV Tracking World ChampionsNike's son Ayro is on his way to continue the legacy. He was part of the team representing the United States at the WUSV Championship in Austria in 2012 and is the 2013 GSDCA-WDA Vice Champion.


We are German Shepherd breeders who breed sparingly, but with the highest quality in mind. Adherence to the German breed standard, guaranteed hips, with the highest quality makes us one of the top, if not THE top German Shepherd working dog breeder in the United States of America. Our kennel, Kennel vom Reeboch is well known and respected in Germany. Two of our German Shepherd puppies  went to Germany and are being competed there, which speaks for itself. 

Our dogs excel in Schutzhund, Police K9, search & rescue, home protection, disabled service assistance work, and make a wonderful addition to any family.


A vom Reeboch  German Shepherd dog or puppy is the measure of excellence. At our kennel our goals are World Class training and World Class German Shepherd working line dogs.  


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