Reeboch K9 Sport

Home of the WUSV Vice Sieger & multiple National Champions




  • Never discipline during the learning phase
  • Maintain trust between handler & dog
  • Corrections must be fair

Sigrid and her family purchased their first German Shepherd dog in 1991. Shadow was trained as personal protection dog. Handling Shadow and the family's next personal protection dog Rico, Sigrid fell in love with the intelligence, athleticism, power and loyalty of the breed.

 Having actively involved her children in the training of their family's dogs, Sigrid's son decided he wanted to learn more about helper work. Matt went to Germany to work with Oliver Schafflhuber and Helmut Huber who told him that in order to become a good handler he should learn to handle his own dog. Sigrid and her husband decided to purchase a puppy for Matt. This is how Taya vom Weinbergbllick joined their family. After a few months it became apparent that Matt's new job did not allow him to raise and train a puppy.

 Sigrid took over and educated herself about the sport of Schutzhund which included several trips back to Germany for training. She went on to title Taya all the way to SchH3. While looking for a stud dog for Taya in 2007 Sigrid met Charlie Meszaros and Nike.

Since then Charlie and Sigrid have been training and working together. With the help of Charlie, Sigrid competed with Taya at the 2010 GSDCA-WDA National Championship.

 They also started a very successful breeding program. Sigrid's kennel name "vom Vogelberglick", and Charlies' "vom Reeboch" are well known and respected.

Two females out of Taya's first litter went back to Germany. They both have earned their SchH3 titles there, and have produced super puppies. Sigrid kept a male puppy out of Taya's first litter - Ayro.

She started imprinting Ayro when he was 7 weeks old. As Ayro matured Charlie taught him everything about protection.

Since then Ayro has competed at the 2011 GSDCA-WDA National Championships as the youngest dog at the event (at 2 1/2 years of age), placed 5th at the 2012 GSDCA-WDA National Championships, and then went on to be part of the team representing the United States at the World Championships in Austria in 2012. They are the current GSDCA-WDA Vice Champions.

Sigrid also handles and trains her young females, Divya vom Vogelbergblick (out of Ufo van Guy's Hof), Cecylia vom Vogelbergblick, who just earned her BH, and is working toward her IPO 1 this fall, as well has Tyson Eqidius, who after an accident is back in training, and is working on his IPO 2 title.