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  • Never discipline during the learning phase
  • Maintain trust between handler & dog
  • Corrections must be fair

Aceofnike van het Bleekhof

I first met Nike as a young pup. From the beginning it was obvious that Nike was, and still is, a very special dog.  His zest for life, courage, ball drive and long attention span from an early age made him an excellent candidate for high level performance training.  Careful training and handling did the rest!  I purchased him at 12 months of age but was still competing with Torro van Het Bleekhof, so left Nike with his breeder, who handled Nike's early socialization and training.  Nike earned his Schutzhund 1 & 2 in Belgium by 20 months of age.  At that point I retired Torro and brought Nike to the United States. At 2 1/2 years of age, Nike completed his Schutzhund 3 here in the U.S.


Nike's international career began in Kansas City six months later in 2004, when he won the German Shepherd Dog Club of America - Working Dog Association National and Qualification trial.  This win earned Nike a place on the GSDCA - WDA team and a trip to compete in the 2004 World Championship [WUSV] in Austria. 


In 2005 Nike again qualified for the GSDCA  - WDA team but was injured and unable to compete in France that year. 


In 2006 Nike came back to win a spot on the GSDCA - WDA team and again qualified for the World trial.  In 2006 Nike won the obedience phase, becoming the WORLD CHAMPION Obedience dog, at the WUSV World Championship in Denmark.  This win, along with other top team members, earned the GSDCA - WDA team the World Championship for the first time.  The United States brought home the trophy!


In 2007, Nike went 2nd at the qualification trial and earned his forth trip to the world trial. 


Nike's record to date:  Schutzhund 3 [9 times],  four times on the International Team, representing the WDA.

Hanko vom Hohen Odenwald

Charlie's first dog, began the partnership in 1984 which would lead to many titles. "Charlie Dog" attained his Schutzhund 3 in 1988.

Droll von Fuchspalchen SchH 3

Came into Charlie's life in 1990.   Together they acheived National Champion ranking in 1992 and 1993. Coming back for an encore performance in 1998,  Droll and Charlie again traveled to and placed in the 1998 National Championship, and represented the United States at the 1998 WUSV.

Prico van de Zennevallei SchH 3

Affectionately known as Zeus, he came into partnership with Charlie in 1994, winning the 1995 National Championship and that same year competing in the prestigious 1995 WUSV.

Torro van Het Bleekhof SchH 3

Torro and Charlie's lucrative career took off in 1999 competing at the WUSV, followed in 2000 by 2000 National Champion, 2000 WUSV Team Member,  2001 4th Place National, 2001 WUSV Team Member, 2002 3rd place National Championship, 2002 National Championship High Protection, 2002 WUSV Team Member,  2003 National Champion -  Sch3 Championship/National Qualification Trial, and 2003 WUSV Competitor.