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  • Never discipline during the learning phase
  • Maintain trust between handler & dog
  • Corrections must be fair

When Barbara and I decided to search for a new GSD to bring into our home

and train, we found that the kennels we were familiar with had no sable puppies

available or planned in a future breeding.  We were looking for a female sable

puppy suitable for Schutzhund (now IPO) training.  Searching the Internet,

I came across a very interesting new litter at Zwinger vom Vogelbergblick.

We were not familiar with the kennel name, and had no prior knowledge of

Sigrid or Charlie. Once I contacted and spoke with Sigrid, I felt immediately

at ease in pursuing a purchase. The forethought, planning, and care that went

into producing this litter was quite evident.   Sigrid went to considerable effort

in helping us see the capability and potential  in each puppy.  Most impressive

for us was the early imprinting Sigrid accomplished with those pups in such a

short time.  Ciyah has proven to be extremely smart, highly trainable, and eager

to work, with high drive.   Something that impressed me from the beginning was

her speed, in both play and prey drive. Her ball retrieves are fast and always straight
back to my hand.  In protection training, she is on the sleeve as if it was
magnetized, with a full, strong grip.  We both feel so lucky to have found this
litter with such potential built in. We were impressed with Sigrid's desire to
place her puppies into homes where they will thrive as happy working dogs.  We
couldn't be more pleased with our new family

David and Barbara Sanders

Owners of Ciyah vom Vogelbergblick (Tyson Eqidius X Taya vom Weinbergblick)

Sigrid and Charlie,

Thank you for being such responsible breeders! You certainly made

the experience of buying a new puppy a pleasurable one.  The

description of Caizyr (Cai) that Sigrid gave me was extremely accurate

and I could not be more pleased with him.  It is obvious that you take

very much pride in your breeding program and it shows in the dogs that

you are producing.

I appreciate the fact that Sigrid has continued to stay in contact with me

and is always asking about Cai.  This shows me that you are concerned

about future breedings and the satisfaction of your clients.


Cai is showing great promise in his early Schutzhund training. His drives
in all three phases have been a pleasure to witness. The thing I
appreciate the most is that after even with all the drive he exhibits on 
the field he is still able to come into the house and turn it off!!  He is
certainly proving to be a promising sport dog and excellent pet.  Thank
you for producing such a wonderful animal!

Jebby Thibodeaux
Lafayette, LA
As a long time owner of German Shepherds and having been around working
dogs for numberous years in law enforcement and similar environments, it is a
pleasure to recognize the exceptional quality training and breeding program
of Reeboch K9 Sport.
Charlie Meszaros and Sigrid Riess-Mundry are accomplished professionals that
care about the quality of their dogs and customers alike.
The dogs I have obtained from Reeboch K9 Sport are strong, intelligently focused
and have amazing drives and sound temperament. Charlie and Sigrid offer in
depth insight, and are readily available to assist others with the care, training
and successful attainment of the goals of these great dogs.
Without hesitation, I recommend Reeboch K9 Sport as the business of choice in
working line German Shepherds or to obtain an exceptional quality German
Shepherd that can do most anything desired.
Tony Price
Owner & Chief Instructor, Absolute Self Defense & Fitness


I knew what I wanted, seemed simple enough. 

Beautiful dogs, extremely high drive, eager to work, smart and most important
clear headed.
However, I had no idea how difficult it was going to be to find exactly what I
was looking for.
After 2 years of searching, multiple flights, interviewing breeders and
trainers alike I stumbled onto reeboch k9.  
After A brief conversation with Charlie and Sigrid I knew right away that I
have found EXACTLY what I was looking for.
Unlike most kennels I was encouraged to come and visit their grounds, multiple
times, and so I did.
I got a chance to see what all breeders should strive for.
The grounds were spotless, I had not been around people who truly understood
what they were doing but more importantly truly loved these dogs. 
I got to see them work the dogs, after which I was hooked. I managed to get a
male pup born on 1/12/2012 (kotchoog) out of Tyson.  

Since then Charlie and Sigrid have kept in touch with my family and me. they
have been so gracious with continued support and advice. I have been so happy
with Kotchoog but more importantly the support they have shown me throughout
raising him that I got a second puppy this year, a female born 1/12/2013

Kotchoog is 18 months old. Eager to please, extremely bright, his bite feels
like you are getting hit by a truck. But what stands out most is how clear
headed he is. That is very important to me because he is constantly around lots
of children (nieces and nephews).  I feel so comfortable with him around

Lala is now 6 months old. I have been told by many, they rarely see this kind
of drive from a female pup. I'm so eager to see what she is going to grow into.

I am fortunate to have access to the top trainers in the north east. 

Although I am a rookie in the dog training arena, I know my dogs are something
special when the trainers constantly are trying to entice me with offers of
purchasing my dogs to compete with.

Of course these dogs are part of the family and could never be bought. 

I work both the puppies and so far it is easy even for me to see why all these
experts would love to get their hands on theses puppies.

The joke in the group is, when my dogs come around everyone gets on the
Internet to google Charlie and Sigrid. 

I can't say enough good things about these guys. 

Thank you for everything!!

Tony, Lacy, Kotchoog
and Lala.

Antoine  Panossian
D.M.D., M.D.

Diplomate of American
Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery



I want to start this email telling you that Ennyk is doing great! He is a smart
guy, a sweet boy at home (even when sometimes his little devil shows
up, jeje) and really active in the field.


As you know, I was looking for an excellent German Shepherd since more than 2
years and not only that, for a true breeder as well; in Ennyk (Taya vom
Weinbergblick X Tyson Eqidius) and you I found both things and even more.


He has all the attributes that I was looking for and I know that we will be
exceeding every target that we propose to reach in the future.

The experience of meeting you and buying Ennyk from you as marvelous, I learned
a lot from you and since the very beginning when I first got in touch with you
I felt that I was dealing with the right person.


The people at my Schutzhund Club are very happy to have Ennyk in our team and
we are sure that he will be a dog to speak about in a near future.


I`m sure that with him and thanks to the bond that we have created, Ennyk will
be the best Sch Dog of Costa Rica.


We keep in touch and once again as a friend of the German Shepherd breed I
thank you for been the excellent breeder you are and for take the time,
seriousness, patience and love for the breed that require to get the amazing
dogs that you produce on your litters.


Greetings from Costa Rica!